Quick facts about NLP

All you need to know about Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is -
  • A study of the structure of subjective experience
  • A way of influencing and forming positive and enjoyable relationships with customers, stakeholders, clients, colleagues, family and friends
  • A way of questioning that allows you to unravel information
  • An approach that will motivate you towards what you have waited to do for so long
  • A way to make the unconscious beliefs surface at a conscious level
  • An understanding of people beyond the behavioural level – which can be a boon in coaching, teaching and training

NLP will enable you to -

  • Enjoy the results that you want in your personal life or in your workplace
  • Present your thoughts assertively and with confidence in any forum- client presentations, meetings, social get togethers or any such interactions
  • Believe in what you can achieve
  • Attain goals that we set for ourselves
  • Change habits that might not be working for us
  • Live the life that is in alignment with your thoughts, behaviour and feelings
  • Find your true calling
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NLP Foundation Workshops-
27-28 May 2017
26-27 Nov 2016
27-28 Dec 2016


"When you come to a roadblock, take a detour."        
- Mary Kay Ash