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Payal Gandhi is my trustworthy friend. She is an excellent communicator & a very caring Trainer. Her sense of clarity in her language and the richness that she brings in her description especially, has always been very engaging to the groups that she has handled in my training workshops. From the time I have met her, I have seen her often experimenting with herself & her life! I often admire her sense of direction in life & her focus & commitment on taking action towards her own self-discovery.

The way she has kept her interest on track even in the middle of her busy professional commitments in the corporate world is an example of this. She is quite a power house when it comes to commitment to her own learning & her commitment to professionalism & brings in a touch of perfection in whatever that she does. She has already invested 5 years in exploring NLP and has double NLP practitioner certification from different master trainers (Sue Knight & Me) Will any one need any further evidence than this to understand her sense of commitment, professionalism & perfection that she is aspiring for?

Payal is very passionate about supporting people live their full potential and is a very ambitious, hardworking, assertive, enterprising personality. I am sure she will continue to inspire more & more lives of people around her with the way she is living her own life like now! I thoroughly recommend Payal to anyone, who wants to have a world class approach in developing their own potential. I wish Payal, all the best and am honoured to support her in this journey of excellence!

Ashok Subramanian
Master Trainer, Shinota


“As NLP Trainer myself and having trained with Payal I highly recommend her as a coach and consultant. She has a very unique way of connecting with and supporting others to see and embrace their potential. In a world which seems to value speed, Payal is able to go against the grain and allow people to really slow down, to be present and experience extremely valuable perspectives. More than that, she is a lovely person. I highly recommend her.”

Tristan Soames
Owner, Be Do & Have Anything


“Payal, is a fantastic trainer, mentor, coach and facilitator. Fully present, caring and incisive! What a joy to work with!”

Kelly Clark
Founder and Owner, Marmanie Consulting Ltd.
(Impact Investing & Advisory) London


“Payal Hoon - What stands out is her enthusiasm. She is very friendly, committed & knows how to respond to people & situations in an appropriate way! Her training abilities are unique & rare! I am sure her audience would enjoy her contribution always! She can fit into any environment & come out successfully!”

Arul Subramaniam
Director (Tech) - Brainobrain


“Payal is an exceptional professional NLP trainer. I thoroughly enjoyed studying with her on Sue's Knight’s NLP train the trainer course in Kerala India 2009. Payal has a wonderful way of making you feel special and gains trust very quickly.”

Eileen Hutchinson
Founding Director of HCMA, UK


"An extraordinary experience, those were two really enriching days at the NLP workshop. Don't know if it is NLP or payal's radiance, something did happen and it sure kindled a few dreams and emotions. I walked into that space as just a thinking person trying to elude situations but walked out feeling abundant with dreams, awareness and tools which helped me gain a broader understanding and control of situations. Payal is committed and determined and has truly contributed to my life."

Neha Singhla
Entrepreneur, Delhi


"My take aways from this program were too many. In short the program made me question the way I think and made me realize that there was a whole new world out there. I felt free and energized. Life was no longer about what I am expected to do but what I want. I also learnt to see other people (specially the ones I do not like) in a new light and am sure that this will help me build better relationships. The program also gave me the strength to handle setbacks. Payal's training gave me a new perspective. Nothing seems impossible now. She is an excellent trainer and her training delivered all that she promised and some more.I recommend this program to everyone."

Payal Shandil Gupta
Trainer, Dehradun


"My take-aways from the NLP program are to Look ahead.Learn from the past experiences however don't carry the load of things which didn't turn well in the favour.Cherish the Happy Moments and Move Ahead. Payal could identify the hidden need and desire of each one of us and paid individual attention to all of us. She could reach our mind and soul, and helped us in knowing us. Was a wise decision to attend the Programme."

Anjali Wadhawan
Divisional Business Manager- USV Ltd. , Delhi


For me the most important outcome from the two day workshop was that it works. In the first hour of the workshop we were asked to define the most important result from the programme. After 3 weeks, I can say that I have made definite and measurable progress towards my goal. Payal's skill in identifying blocks, focus on achieving results and the small group sizes facilitate real progress. I believe that this programme offers great value and look forward to training with Payal again.

Viraj Prasad
Sr. Manager at Ireo Pvt. Ltd.


NLP is really an amazing programme. Before this workshop, I was very uncomfortable to share my views and now I feel very confident. I learned to convey my inner thoughts to others without hesitation and to go to a deep level so that others can understand. Payal's method of training was friendly and I did not feel like a stranger at all. She is a wonderful coach and fantastic trainer. I feel that this workshop will surely help other people in different fields like it has helped me.

Reporter, Dainik Jagran, Uttrakhand


“Ms.Payal made it so simple for me to solve the biggest issues of my life. I feel a lot lighter and happier and I spend my each day thinking about today. I think every time I speak with her, it gives me a direction and her positivity flows into me. Its amazing and am loving it. I am very glad I took this decision of attending the NLP workshop. Those two days were amazing and have made a big difference to my life."

Richa Dahiya


“The best part about the workshop was that it was experiential.The behavior,communication and other aspects were all dealt with experience and exercises which gave me a better understanding of myself."

Homemaker and a mother, Gurgaon


""It was a life changing program,as in one changes its perspective positively towards one's life's challenges. Thanks to Payal for making me disvover NLP and also helping us to incorporate it in our lives as it makes life a wonderful journey."

Rashmi Vishal Mehta
Designer, Gurgaon


"The program was really useful and practically implementable in all walks of life. I learnt many news ways and perspective to look at life and life related challenges which I will implement. Payal's style of training was really amazing and very practical without the use of technology and stereotypic methods."

Mayank Mathur
Trainer, Tech Mahindra, Delhi


"My experience with NLP had been great and definitely life changing for me; I can honestly say that I am very different person. You have amazingly touched my life with your simplistic way of training I am amazed and grateful for doing this training with you.Your style of training was unique, different and had very personal touch."

Divya Mishra
Manager with a Pvt.Company,Gurgaon


My experience about this workshop with you was Self Empowering and Enjoyable.

Payal Ji, you have a strong observation power and you exactly know, how and when to hit the right button.A great motivator, who focused on candidate's desired outcome.

It was like you taught me a strategy How to win a cricket match and How I can be like Sachin Tendulkar. How I can observe myself & other players when we are playing the match. How I can find and model the excellence in other players.

Karun Grover
Analyst, Delhi


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