Why NLP from Payal

Every choice that you make has an end result

  • NLP, as I've explored and experienced has been a beacon in making the choices made about my career path, relationships and my way of thinking.
    The testimony of it all is where I stand today.

  • Training has been my calling since the beginning of my career. I developed an eye for spotting beneficial patterns and skills on a real-time basis. These subtle traits of NLP has worked for me and my learners over the years.

  • I bring to you a rich background in Training & Development in India and abroad. My career began with a training consultancy and moved onto a leading Indian origin organisation – Wipro and thereafter with a global Big 4 consulting firm - Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.

  • Over the years, I've worked with national and international clients in learning & development across different behavioural and soft skills and other training-related portfolios for 24 clients across different industries. With this, I bring the experience of working with thousands and impacting people at a skill and attitude level.

  • NLP and training is a natural blend for me to reach out to people to enable them to realise their dreams and potential in this lifetime. I have been in more than one way practicing a few NLP beliefs and was modeling the behaviours that I wanted as a trainer and coach. This was happening more at a sub-conscious level driven towards certain outcomes that were important for my learners and me.

  • Few laurels, designations and certificates down and having experienced and moving up the levels in NLP in the past few years; I can say real rewards in life lie in experiences. NLP will open the path for you. There are many roads and each one has a new turn. When you take a new turn, is when you discover what it has in store for you.
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"Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so."
- William Shakespear